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About Chicago-IVF

What We Stand For: 

As Chicago's leading reproductive medicine specialists, treating close to 20,000 couples, we know that you're here for much more than a baby. You're here to begin or continue your family. When you entrust us with such intimate hopes, you'll begin to understand that you're already extending your family at every visit. Your hopes and dreams become our hopes and dreams. We believe that the emotional facets of fertility care are just as important as the scientific aspects, and we're here to support you through each struggle and triumph as your Midwest fertility specialists. You're more than patients to us; you're family.

As a Midwest fertility specialist, we offer the best in fertility and reproductive medicine, including state-of-the-art procedures and the very latest in advanced laboratory techniques. Led by Joel G. Brasch MD, our caring team of reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, psychologists and specialized urologists offers advanced skill and training and every treatment option available, all with national-caliber success rates.

Mission, Vision, & Values of Chicago IVF:

Company Mission:

“To provide the answers and compassion you need on the journey to complete your family.”

Company Vision:

“To be the only obvious choice for fertility care in the Midwest.”

Company Values:
  • We provide dedicated care that empathizes with our patient's difficult journey.
  • We create an environment of teamwork and respect to meet the needs of our patients and each other.
  • We pride ourselves on continuing education and development, growing new leaders from within.
  • We set and work by very high standards.