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Chicago IVF News

Chicago IVF has recently been featured and quoted in a number of news articles. To view these features, please click on the links below.

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 Print News

  The Beacon News --Stem Cell Research Has Local Support, Foes

  CBS News --Gender Selection In Demand, Many Women Would Choose Baby's Gender But Raises Ethics Issues

  Science Daily --Americans Prefer to Leave Child's Gender to Chance, Survey Finds

  New England Journal of Medicine -- Trends in the Use of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in the United States

  USA Today -- Study: Mom's Diet Could Determine Baby's Sex

  Science Daily -- Sperm Injection: Male Factor Infertility Technique Surging

  NBC News -- Technique for Male Infertility on the Rise

  The Times Article -- Having Trouble Conceiving, Don't Just Assume It's the Woman

  Chicago Tribune Feature Article -- Genetic Test's Benefits and Ethics Debated

  Chicago Tribune Feature Article -- The Posh Pregnancy

  Chicago Tribune Feature Article -- Barriers to Fertility Falling

  International Forbes Magazine -- Increase in Egg Donors Raises Concerns

  Chicago Sun-Times -- Infertility Expert, AP Press, Egg Donations Soar

  Nationwide NBC News Article -- More Young Women Consider Donating Eggs

  Chicago Tribune Story -- Infertility Practice, Listen to Criticism

  Crain's Chicago Business -- Infertility Medical Expert, Working Hard On A Baby

  Chicago Tribune -- Egg Donation, Premium Human Eggs Unsettling Practitioners

  Chicago Magazine -- Infertility Treatments, How We Spend -- Fertile Ground

  International Elite Magazine -- Fertility Treatments, Tender Loving Care

  Male Infertility, Procedure Offers Hope To Men With Low Sperm Count

  International Magazine Story -- Glamour Magazine - Fertility Hormones

  Daily Herald Newspaper -- Cancer and Fertility Treatments, Life After Cancer

  The Times Newspaper -- Infertility Treatments, Rising Cost Of Motherhood

  The Journal Gazette -- Egg Donor, Sister's Love Carries Baby

  International Science News -- Science of Embryos, Cloning Science Spurs Many Questions

  The Beacon News -- Science of Embryos

  Embryology -- Cloning of Sheep

  The Guide Newspaper -- Infertility Adoption

  The Villager Newspaper -- ARHC Infertility Clinic Opens

  The Indiana Times -- Infertility Treatments, New Method Lead To New Babies

  Chicago Sun-Times -- Infertility and Aging, Stoppng the Clock

  The Indiana Times -- Doctors Plan Infertility Clinic