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International Patients

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  1. Reputation: With a worldwide reputation, Chicago IVF treats patients from many countries outside the United States. Our physicians and laboratory professionals are published and trained world-wide. Our new patient coordinators are available to help you arrange your treatments, and plan your trip to Chicago.
  2. Hotels: Chicago IVF patient coordinators will assist you in choosing a hotel and hotel packages.
  3. City: Chicago is a world class city located along the shores of Lake Michigan. The summer offers a wide array of outdoor activities, and the winter brings international quality music and arts programs through such renowned institutions such as the Lyric Opera and The Art Institute of Chicago.
  4. Language: Our staff speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and several Mediterranean languages.
  5. Services: Chicago IVF offers a full range of world-class advanced infertility services and treatments tailored to your needs.

Planning your trip: Please speak with one of our Patient Coordinators for assistance -- Call 866-483-2446.